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We provide high quality international voice termination through an IP based interconnection with different pricing options in order to serve to different requirements of our customers.

We offer customized QoS parameters that are needed to ensure the best quality-price ratio and value for money. We have three service levels with different routing and pricing combinations according to different quality parameters. If you are looking for high quality in international voice termination at competitive prices, you can rely on our Premium and Platinum Services, whereas for your cost sensitive customers you can choose our Economy Service.

People Tracking:

In the consumer and enterprise markets, iVoice Telecom has applied its expertise in the development of location-enabled monitoring solutions to create applications that help ensure personal safety for customers, as well as provide resource management options related to the monitoring for all types of employees.

Personal Safety:

»  Alzheimer’s Patients.

»  Children.

»  Students.


»  Mobile Workers.

»  Loan Workers.

Criminal Justice:

Government agencies and community corrections organizations use iVoice Telecom’s one-piece offender monitoring GPS tracking devices and software to monitor the location of offenders in alternative sanctions programs. We offer the only offender monitoring solution that empowers officers to track individuals continuously both indoors and outdoors, as well as the proximity of an offender to a victim or criminal cohort. Combining this functionality with sophisticated scheduling and alert tools, law enforcement and victims can receive notifications if an offender gets too close, violates the conditions of their release or enters a restricted zone.

Asset Tracking:

In addition to solutions that provide the most accurate location available for consumers, employees and offenders, iVoice Telecom has applied its LBS expertise to develop one of the most effective asset tracking solutions available. These applications are leveraged in a number of industries to help reduce loss, monitor inventory and track a range of different vehicle types.

iVoice Networks- Communication without Borders